Our Story

Our creator and CEO, DD Lee, first had the idea of creating a destination dating platform when she watched a documentary that just seemed to “hit home.” The Leftover Women of China, whose ages range from as young as 25 and up, have chosen to get an education before getting married. It is common in China for the men in relationships to have a higher rank in education and occupation than their counterparts. So, when these women became equals in both categories, it left them “non-marriage” material. While dating sites in China are common and popular, many participants are left feeling scammed by these companies and many have lost hope of ever finding a companion.

Being a native of China, and from the generation of single births per family, DD is inspired to bring power and encouragement to these women. Although a shift is needed in the mindsets of single people in China, we believe many countries around the world battle the same stigmas when looking for love. We want to even out the playing field and bring men and women together through the lifelong bonding experiences of travel. It sounds like a great solution to us! As traveling singles become educated and immersed in different cultures through Love’s Atlas, the world will seem a little smaller and even the young, beautiful, and intelligent “leftover women” will have the opportunity to see that there is still hope in finding love.

What is Love’s Atlas?

Love’s Atlas is an international travel and dating service that combines the wanderlust traveler with the search for a meaningful long-lasting relationship. Our website and app will connect people from all around the world and engage them in conversations from personal interests to bucket list travel items.

Events are all-inclusive and will offer a safe experience for screened participants to stay in luxurious accommodations. They can eat, play and tour some of the most famous landmarks around the world. Singles will enjoy group activities along with “one on one” dating opportunities throughout the trip in order to learn more about the individuals they are traveling with. 

There is no better way to make a meaningful connection with a new friend then by learning about new cultures and exploring this great wide world together. Let Love’s Atlas take you on an amazing journey!