Introducing Love’s Atlas’ New Chat App

Accelerate your dating experience with our real-time messaging and chat app for a robust international dating experience.

We’ve cherry-picked our favorite features from the best social apps in the world and have built a wonderful new communications tool that will immediately break down international barriers and foster closer connections and relationships. The new Love’s Atlas Chat App combines the features of video chat, voice chat, voice notes, real-time language translations and so much more.

Wait, are you asking yourself if you heard that correctly? Yes, we did say “real-time language translations”. In fact, our primary goal at Love’s Atlas is to foster intimacy on a global scale. That said, in order to accomplish this ambitious task, we feel it’s imperative that the first barrier to break down is the language barrier. And we’ve done just that! Our first and primary feature of the new Love’s Atlas Chat App is to enable our community to chat in their native tongue while Love’s Atlas handles the rest.

No Barriers

Go global

Our users can select from over 30 languages and Translate incoming messages in real-time.

As it happens

You can enjoy conversations easily even if the other Love’s Atlas user speaks a different language. Incoming messages in chatrooms will be converted to your native language set by you in real-time.

For example, incoming messages in Spanish and German will be translated to English in a chatroom so that Donald can chat with a group of people who speak in different languages.

Make countless friends from all over

Love’s Atlas users can enjoy group conversations easily even if the chatroom members speak different languages. Incoming messages in chatrooms will be converted to the native language set by you.

Make connections

We’ve also enabled real-time text, voice and video chat between Love’s Atlas users to add that extra level of intimacy.


Users can connect without sharing their phone numbers, thus ensuring privacy & better experience. Our secured chat allows for communication only if the two parties agree to chat and continue.

One-on-one Chat

Users can start their digital fairy tale by communicating in real-time via text.

Voice & Video Chat

Once connected, Love’s Atlas users may now video or audio call one another to add an extra level of intimacy.

Share Files

Make your conversations even more fun by sending images, videos and more.

Offline Messaging

Users will receive the messages even when they are offline, keeping the conversation going.

Voice Notes & More

Users can share small snippets of their voice message for an intimate conversation to be listened to later once you’ve both returned from your destination date.

All in all, this is a breakthrough feature for Love’s Atlas and we are so very excited to share it with the world. Enjoy!